How to Run a Great SEO Campaign – Step-by-step Guide to Improve Your Ranking

SEO Campaign, SEO Campaign Checklist

How many blog post do you think is published daily? How much do you think reaches up to the screen of the audience?

Your business can be intimidated with a lot of information and your competition`s rivalry if you don`t start your websites SEO on the right foot.

An SEO campaign can be a pretty complicated process if you are not clarified with the strategies and tactics. If you want to run a successful and effective SEO to improve the ranking of your website, you will need to target the right shot!

Now, Search engine optimization is the online marketing process to get your website ranked at the top in Google or other web engines. Getting your rank present in the top-three of the first page increases the chance of derived traffic.

One of the important ways of doing SEO campaign is through detailed and in-depth is Keyword research.

Before starting an SEO campaign, the very first thing is to need to do systematic research to choose the right keywords that will get you more clicks to a landing page or blog posts.

The importance of targeting the right keywords is that it helps to attract the right audience.

To establish an effective and long-running SEO campaign is to narrow down your targeted keywords that will help in optimizing the traffic.

For websites that are new or already in business needs guidance to upsurge the ranking or target the audience by researching on targeted keywords, Digital Mascot will guide your brand in every call-to-action.

An SEO campaign is a planned effort of optimizing a page or website. There are many components involved such as keywords research, SEO audit, on-page and off-page optimization, link-building, etc.

Whether you are a firm or solo entrepreneur, a well-planned SEO campaign can benefit your business.

With that said, below are some easy tips on how to make the correct and apt SEO campaign considering all other factors-

Focus on Keywords

The internet is a vast place. Some websites are already in the run-game, big multi corporation and small companies, it may seem downright to compare, and that is why it is to ensure that you focus on your line of the stream- become the king of the small pond before trying to make it to the ocean.

E.g. if your brand sells watches, it would not be using the keywords such as bracelets or hand-bands. The main focus would compete against Rolex or Omega. It is appropriate to focus on the keyword “stylish watches for likely wearers in Delhi”, this will stand your brand out of the compared competitors.

Getting the right and dictated keywords is the first step in an SEO campaign, it is more likely to increase the ROI and generate.

Keyword Placement

One thing that needs equal attention is to derive a secular place for the keywords- keyword placement.  If you think you can randomly discard your keywords and expect to get the desired ranking, you are wrong! It will affect the ranking.

A clear analyse and search engine algorithm can help your keyword place in the right parts-

  • Page title
  • URL
  • Heading and sub-headings

This is important to cope with the Google algorithm that it is clicked on the right keyword.

It is vital to ensure that you place the keywords on a concrete and right place to improve the quality of your content, which can get you ranked if you do not abide by it, it will result in keyword stuffing, affecting the rank of the brand.

Targeted Keywords

Once you have understood the aspect of keywords, it is time to get back in business and find keywords for the brand.

There are two options you can generate by doing organic research for primary keywords- it is the research you will be familiar with, it will give you a specific idea on what type of keywords to use that can attract more traffic and conversion of leads into sales. But, it is time-consuming.

Whereas, keyword tool allows you to engage and search term, which will save you time. it allows you to see the traffic and engagement of the community your brand is working on it.

A combination of the two can provide an ideal set of keywords.

Analyse Your Website Audit

No doubt, keywords analysis is important in getting your website ranked, but other factors hold such influential too. Strong link-building helps in securing your site strong and assures more click on a landing page.

The on-page and off-page optimization is highly concerned and includes the title, sub-heading, headings, taglines and link-building, that is equivalent to an SEO campaign to be effective and successful.

One should also ensure the capacity of the amount of keyword research. A certain proportionate of keywords should be engulfed in the content or the blog posts or else, it will affect the ranking of the site.

Content Optimization

Content is the king. It has always been the king in the SEO world. It is the heart of your website and the reason to convert sales into leads.

Without optimized content, you would not be able to direct your message to the audience, so Google will not predict what you do- turns to be no ranking.

Content plays a primary role in optimizing the rank of your website in your niche, with the targeted keyword thrown in the content on the correct place, it helps in getting you ranked with the most competitive keywords.

Now, SEO campaign is an organic method, which requires time and patience to see the ROI. The results of the SEO marketing campaign is typically seen in 4-6 months, however, it could take longer depending on the keywords you use.

It is important to follow the standard guidelines and policy of SEO campaign for quality-worth purchase and genuine customers.

Unlike paid online marketing practices, SEO is organic and takes its laborious hours in finding the right keywords but it works in the long-run, provides optimized traffic, and ranks your website effectively.

Search engine optimization helps in knowing the company`s true potential with SEO audit, where you do an in-depth study and research on your website and gather all the information that can hamper or grow your website, in either way.

SEO audit is the study where your competitor’s growth, landing pages, on-page and 0ff-page optimization, as well your targeted keywords to the audience it is dictated to its cover. After the brief SEO audit, an SEO campaign is stretched out and then executed in action to get your website ranked in Google.

Now, that we have covered SEO campaign, it is up to you to execute and give your website a chance to take over! Here at Digital Mascot, we search to unleash the best keywords and are dedicated to assuring to fulfil their SEO goals. We not only excel their website but also teach them how to excel SEO on their own.

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