Build Your Course With Moodle LMS (an Open Source Learning Management System)

MOODLE – An open source learning management system is a platform that connects students and teachers, trainers and educators with various learning courses. We offer MOODLE Design & Development services that develops e-learning management solution to fulfill your business needs. Undoubtedly, this also allows educators to create their required courses with several other options like chats, blogs, wikis etc. To fulfill the requirement of several students say hundreds of millions (worldwide) , our developers can easily develops customized plug-in to extend its capability.

Launch Your Course Or Program

With Moodle, you can create and deliver online courses and programs through a powerful learning management system (LMS). Designed to support both teach and learning, Moodle is a powerful tool for creating an environment for both learning and teaching. Whether its for a classroom, boardroom, or new income stream, our team helps you integrate moodle

Access From Anywhere

For developing countries, internet speed and access is a major issue. With Moodle, you can access you programs from offline and enable you employees and students to learn from their devices at anytime with a simple download.

Secure and private

Moodle’s program is highly secure and constantly updates its processes and software to keep your students data secure and private. Our team also helps you ensure your program is protected and up to date at all times so you and your students can feel safe using your learning platform.

Create Any Feature You Need

Moodle provides an extremely flexible set of tools to support and build online courses. With the option to add forums, wikis, chats, blogs, and more, there is nothing you can’t build inside your online learning platform.

Whether you have hundreds or millions of students, our team has the ability to build customized plugin’s that help you create a unique and effective learning environment.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Our team provides you with ongoing support and maintenance so that your system is running smoothly 24 hours a day. We also provide you the option to enhance your e-learning platform by building customized features as your community grows.

Moodle Installation and Migration

Already have a website and/or Moodle account? Need to migrate from one server to another as you grow? No problem! Our team will help you seamlessly integrate the two and ensure they both are running smoothly together so that your students have a wonderful learning experience.

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What We Do

Install On Website

We integrate the Moodle LMS with your website and create a portal for customers to access it.

Create Custom Plug-ins

Our team will help you customize your online classroom to meet your needs.

Host on Server

No matter how many members you have, we will host your LMS on the right servers.

Customized Design

Want you LMS to look the same as your brand? We help you design it to match!

Update & Maintain

As the Moodle platform evolves, we update your plugins and ensure your classroom is open 24/7.

Security Updates

We keep your customers information secure and block/remove any virsues that try to attack your LMS.

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