Website Maintenance of Brokers for Life Optimizes Goal



Brokers for Life is a leading firm of mortgage solutions in Edmonton, Alberta. They have been providing services that concern the related aspects of home mortgages, mortgage refinancing and renewal, and a variety of customer mortgage solutions. Brokers for Life help in attaining the precised mortgage rates. It has inherited the best buying experience for its clients.

When Brokers for Life contacted Digital Mascot, their primary strategy was to maintain the subtle changes according to the requisite. The owner of this firm lacked the enthusiasm to keep in hold off all the fluctuations apt. They wanted to opt for the ongoing service to keep the website up-to-date.

The Challenge

Brokers for Life was lacking the harmony to various modes that would assure their brand grow consistently. They reckon that website maintenance will help their brand to boost traffic and gain user experience better.

They looked for the solution in Digital Mascot for:

  • New and reasonable rates for mortgage associates and products, and custom loans. As they tend to imply rates that vary from quarterly to yearly.
  • Upgrade fresh data and discard old records.
  • Renew the core of the website`s plugins and themes.
  • To enhance more of customer attraction engagement.
  • Introspect the security scans, no bugging is prefixed along with the riggings of backups and restorations of vital files.
  • Analyze website statistics. Check graphics and images – media edits.
  • Test and tweak popups of forms and calls to action.
Content Updates

A part of our website maintained is to update the content regularly.

Virus and Malware Recovery

Viruses crash into your website and you don’t have the slightest clue. We will help it to secure it.

Performance Monitoring

Your website is maintained to ensure the optimization of website traffic is growing.

Catalog Management

A proper way to manage your product can be done in the form of a catalog.

SSL Renewals

Under the website maintenance, we provide SSL renewals that help to secure your website.

Software Updates

You don’t face nay virus and slow loading; we assure to keep your website updated to the latest version.

Error Diagnosis

Any bug fixes or issues will be dealt with by us. We will be available 24x7 throughout the year.

Uptime Monitoring

On-the-clock site monitoring is done so that if your website goes down, immediate action is furnished.

Backups and Restoration

Don’t want your data to erase up, accommodate with us for instant backups and restore of data and files.

These are some of the website maintenance plans that Digital Mascot delivers

Website maintenance is equivalent to nurturing the new updates and decreasing the caches. The need for maintenance is needed. But why do website maintenance is needed? Digital Mascot helps in acknowledging the need for website maintenance.

SECURITY: Your need for website security measures to make customers trust you. The need for security measures is to protect your Google Ranking and any virus not engulfing your site into crashing down. The security purpose is required for the regular motion of the website.

DATA BACKUP: Archiving your files and folder for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. They’re most commonly used for automating system maintenance or administration, in other words, Cron Job. Digital Mascot provides data backup on daily-basis.

MONITORING: To test your websites or web performance, function, or web service for its availability. A website monitoring service checks and verifies the consistency of the up and working of the site.

REPORTING: A good website analysis explains how the site of the company helps in achieving the goals. It also informs about the customer traffic-visitors. We use Google analytics to allows you to analyse in-depth detail about the visitors on your website.

MODIFICATION OF ANY WEB CONTENT: The website is displayed to showcase content information about your business. Regularly renewal of website content brings more


We first focused on optimizing the website for better conversion of leads. We updated key elements for better reliability such as contact info, designing cogent product descriptions, improving the features and benefits of the product to highlight more, crystal media edits.

We also worked on the calculator’s portfolio of mortgage rates and descriptive resources that help customers to understand more about the mortgage solutions. Any extra cache was halted to emphasis on the brand identity. BFL exercised to gain more user experience and part of our strategy was to analyze the statistics of the website yearly to demonstrate concrete tactics.

With new tools introduced, Brokers for Life become licensed and added new mortgage calculators for better effectiveness. It also hikes up around 27% of ROI. The gaining of new customers strolling on the website on a daily basis manifold 3x.

Also, we implemented the popups of contact info and application form. In addition, we added the email popup to avail the customer’s information and offer an initial discount on their first purchase. Digital Mascot also looked upon the blogs to ensure they are posted habitually.

These are some of the website maintenance plans that Digital Mascot delivers

Apart from that, we had to maintain the ongoing premium service to boost website traffic and customer engagement.

WEEKLY REPORTS: From web links, web data, web forms to monitoring the websites, clearing out caches and parameter security scans to check out the face of any virus or bugs are done on weekly basis.


As major companies are turning into a fatigue disappearance, savvy channels such as Brokers for Life are focusing efforts on customers until the end-to-end journey. Customers will find all the required amenities that will enable them to gain top-driven results with a sustainable rate of mortgage and finance consult.

By taking the time to develop a digital marketing campaign and website maintenance of site monitoring, we were able to help Brokers for Life in the growth of their business. with an extensive increase in user engagement and 35% new viewer’s application forms. They now have expanded their business to different associates and introduced new services.