Catering the Bee Wraps Site in a Erudite Style

Nature Bee


Nature Bee Wraps is a small business in Victoria, British Columbia. They produce high quality beeswax wraps with a proprietary formula. Beeswax wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic food wraps.

When we first met Nature Bee Wraps, their primary marketing strategy involved local farmer’s markets and some social media advertising. The owner of the business was managing all aspects of the business, including PPC marketing. Unfortunately, she had not seen much success with her social media advertising or paid search advertising.

After consulting with her, we partnered and began managing her PPC ads and social ads. We also helped optimize her website and email marketing flows for conversion.

The Challenge

The brand was very new there was not a lot of customer data to work with. We had to set up all ad accounts from scratch and install all tracking codes.

The website was messy and hard to navigate.

The product imagery on Shopify was taken with a phone camera in a dim lit room.

The budget was very small, only $600 per month combined for both Social media and Google.

More established competitors were dominating the paid search space already.


Web design – First, we focused on redesigning the website so that the paid traffic we sent there would convert more. We added key elements like:

  1. Contact info
  2. Accepted payment methods
  3. Developing more in depth and persuasive product descriptions
  4. Taking new high quality product photography
  5. Adding clear calls to action
  6. Adding urgency factors like stock countdown timers
  7. Improving the website copy to highlight product benefits and features

E-mail Marketing

We understand the value of bringing customers back for purchases in the future and increasing the lifetime value of each customer. To capture customer info from non-purchasing customers, we added an email pop up form to capture customer info and offer an initial discount on their first purchase. This enabled us to design an email sequence to build brand trust and convert these customers at a later date.

In addition, we implemented several email sequence flows which helped create sales and improve our online presence such as:

  1. Abandon cart recover flow
  2. New subscriber introductory flow
  3. New customer purchase upsell flow
  4. Review request flow
  5. 1-year customer upsell flow

Google Adwords Advertising

Once the website was optimized and ready to convert traffic, we set up a paid search and shopping campaign on Google and focused only on the high value, long tail keywords with good conversion rates. Our strategy was to focus on the product differentiators and create compelling ads that captured more traffic than our competitors.

The results from July 2019 until December 2019 was a 9.8x return on ad spend.

Social Media Marketing

We also established that the brand needed to increase its brand presence with customers who were un aware of their product. To do so, we created social media PPC ads social media and set up traffic to target both cold traffic to visit our website and also to retarget website visitors that came from other sources outside of social media.

We began by running traffic campaigns to generate data for our newly installed Facebook pixel. Once we had enough data, we switched to conversion based ad sets. In addition, we began utilizing Lookalike audiences and custom audiences once we had enough data to do so.

The data below is from July 2019 to November 2019 as well.

You’ll notice the lower preforming campaigns were tested at the beginning to generate data and traffic for the Facebook pixel. Once we had the necessary data, we were able to get a cold traffic campaign with a return on ads to spend (ROAS) of 3.38 and retargeting ads with a ROAS of 6.22. These campaigns are the ones we are continuing to run.

Part of our strategy was designing a video that demonstrated the value of the product and uses for cold traffic. Once a user visited the website, watched 75% of the video, or added an item to the cart, we structured a retargeting campaign that offered specific discounts and upsells offers. These were also done based on the time frame in which the event happened. Such as 7, 14, and 21 days after doing one of the above.

Beyond these immediate results, our online efforts helped her to land new partnerships with major brands locally and internationally that generated more revenue than all of our digital advertising. Based on that, our ROAS would have been significantly higher if we took into account those orders.

Shopify Result

In addition, we saw in increase in returning customers and general website traffic.

Marketing Output

By taking the time to develop a comprehensive digital marketing campaign and well thought out PPC and social advertisements, we were able to help the Nature Bee brand achieve significant growth over the last 2 quarters of 2019. We were able to help the brand scale their ad budget from $600 per month to multiple thousands per month profitably. They now have expanded their business from a one-person business to a multi person company with a corporate location and manufacturing facility.