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Red Seal inspection provides property inspection services for residential and commercial properties in Alberta and Winnipeg. They have a team of certified inspectors who have the highest designations in home inspecting and offer customers their knowledge and expertise at making your property free from any hurdle issues.

Red Seal helps in making your home eradicate with issues and problems that may cause severe damage. The reason why they approached Digital Mascot was that they were lacking the engagement of customers and slow traffic leads to along with slow page speed.

The Challenge

Red Seal inspection had its website hosted and created with Yellow Pages and was not able to make any website edits or transformations without incurring a significant cost. The inability to edit the website made it difficult to work on improving the SEO and Google ads effectiveness.

They also had no history of running Google ads so we were tasked with developing the marketing campaign from scratch, doing market & keyword research, while quickly optimizing campaigns to maximize their return on ad spend.

The Problem

When Red Seal Inspection came to us, they wanted to increase the number of leads they received through the website on a monthly basis. They also wanted to increase their ranking on certain keywords so their website appeared higher on the Google search engine results page (SERP).

  1. Broken links were a huge blow
  2. Substandard mobile experience
  3. Low website speed that halts the user’s experience
  4. Keyword cannibalization
  5. Content quality


We began the project by analysing the top keywords in his geographical areas and generating keyword list that we wold focus on for both the SEO and Google advertising for the website.

WEBSITE & SEO– We began the website project by doing an in depth brand analysis and identifying key brand advantages that we could highlight in order to convert more customers than the competition.

Next, we helped Red Seal Inspection develop a new website with our team that had a very similar design to the old one but allowed our team the capability to make edits to the on page content, coding, and SEO structure. Our team made key edits to the website coding that made the website SEO friendly, followed all preferred Google algorithm standards, and that loaded faster.

Our SEO Strategy for Red Seal Inspection

Our SEO strategy involved Backlink building, Blog content creation, Technical site audit, Schema markup and structured data creation, Industry analysis and On-page Optimization.

Here is our process for SEO to help Red Seal Inspection improve their rankings every month

SEO Strategy, Local SEO Strategy

Finally, we added new pages and sections to the website that helped communicate the brand’s value to customers more effectively based on the key market research we performed. The new pages also helped us to rank high business on the keywords more effectively.

Once we determined the best keywords to use given the clients budget, we began building the search ad campaigns based on the newest Google Ads standards.

We created a total of 4 ad groups with 15 ads, each one to split test different ad copy and find the design that created the most conversions. We also installed conversion tracking codes onto the website to accurately track conversions coming from the ads.

We began with a broad approach to maximize the number of impressions each month and then narrowed our reach and keyword list based on conversions.

Why choose Digital Mascot to uplift your website SEO?

With our team’s diverse background in digital marketing and development services, we are able to help businesses create more effective online marketing strategies by looking at the entire picture of your customer’s journey from start to finish. This alone is why our clients see more success with Digital Mascot that any other company.

SEO Result: Initially, Red Seal Inspection did not even appear on Google for most of the primary keywords we identified. After 120 days of SEO optimization, our team’s SEO work has ranked their website on all major keywords and even allowed them to begin reaching first page ranking status on some keywords.

In addition, we were able to help them increase their organic impressions on these keywords from 0 to over 17K which driving over 180 new leads to their website.

Google PPC Results : In the past 3 months since launching the new website and installing proper conversion tracking tools, we have delivered the following results.

328 new leads visited the website

7,210 ad impressions

34 new leads collected (Phone, email, contact form, etc.)

Click through rate (CTR) of 4.55% (2018 Industry benchmark = 2.41%)

Cost per click (CPC) of $2.60 (2018 industry benchmark = $6.40)

Conversion Rate is 10.37% (2018 industry benchmark = 6.64%)

Average Cost per action (CPA) is $25.06 (2018 industry benchmark = $90.70)

Our team was able to help Red Seal Inspection grow their business significantly by helping them create a powerfully designed website and offering highly effective SEO services. Our team did not employ any special tricks; we instead took the time to design a strategy that helped the business stand out from it’s competitors. We focused on delivering quality results for both SEO and PPC services.